Selected write-ups/interviews and reviews

  • Times of India, Jan 2013, ‘We need to learn from craftsmen: scientist Sharada Srinivasan’ Interview on receipt of Dr Kalpana Chawla Young Woman Scientist Award
  • Economic Times, Mumbai coverage of talk at Asiatic Society Mumbai, 2012
  • Rajan Gurukkal, review in The Hindu, Feb, 20, 2012, of book and article by Sharada in ‘Science and metal technology of Harappans’, Ed D.P. Sharma, Kaveri Books: “Sharada Srinivasan's study of sophisticated high-tin bronze-crafts points to the existence of a developed copper bronze alloying technology in the ancient Indian metallurgical tradition”
  • Telegraph newspaper 2011 Dec by Jayan on UKIERI-I project on Telangana iron and steel
  • Interview, Planèt Cité, La Lettre d’information de la Cité de L’Espace, Sept. 2010, No. 45. (Newsletter of science museum of Space City, Toulouse, France)
  • ‘Search for Tipu Sultan’s metal’, Bhargavi Kerur, DNA newspaper, April 3, 2010
  • Reviews of first-time, intercontinental, internet-streamed and interactive simultaneous dance across India and Europe, ‘Danse e-Toile: Nataraja et le Cosmos’ featuring Dr Sharada in duet performance Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore with live-streamed image of dancer in Cité de l’Espace, Toulouse; featured for Art-Science Festival, La Novela, Toulouse for International Year of Astronomy 2009 on Oct 17th 2009 and live worldwide webcast on X-Reseau.
  • Featured on prestigious website of Communications of the ACM:
  • ‘Sharada has been breaking art-science boundaries to show that there is art in science and vice-versa’, ‘Breaking art-science divide’, Aruna Chandaraju, The Hindu, Sunday Review, Dec 13, 2009
  • ‘Amazing synthesis of art, science and advanced technology’ Arunachandara Raju, in ‘Cosmic ball’, The Week, Nov 8th 2009.
  • Review of photo-montage exhibition, “Cosmic Dance of Siva: art-science-dance perspectives on the Nataraja bronze’, La Lettre, Alliance Française Newsletter, Oct. 2008, p. 7, Tim Poston:
  • ‘The photo-exhibition conveyed careful scientific reasoning about the metal of Chola bronzes fused with a vivid sense of the artisans and poems behind them, and even-surprisingly but plausibly-the astronomy. ‘Art history’ rarely presents this weave of sculptural aesthetics, songs and ritual enfolding the artisans and their physical techniques with the sense of the metallurgical realities they worked with.’
  • Write-up by Jon Stock in ‘The Week’ of Dr Sharada Srinivasan’s lecture-event at Royal Asiatic Society, 1 April 2007:‘For the first time, South Asian metal artefacts were subjected by Srinivasan to trace element and lead isotope analysis to scientifically date different styles of icons to specific periods In an article in THE WEEK in 2003, Sharada revealed that the metal icon of Nataraja, dancing with his leg extended, had already emerged in the Pallava period’.
  • Review of ‘India’s Legendary Wootz Steel’ by Sharada Srinivasan and S. Ranganathan in:Current Science, Vol 90, No. 4. 25, Feb 2006, 589, A.V. Balasubramanium ‘The book deserves a place in every collection of history of metallurgy and in the library of anyone who is interested in the history of science and technology in India’.
  • Historical Metallurgy Society (HMS) Journal 39(2), 2005, p. 124. Paul Craddock ‘This is an …engaging study of a material with a fascinating metallurgy and history… generally well produced...lively and informative narrative’
  • New Indian Express Sunday, August 31, 2005, Made in India by Nanditha Krishna‘This book is a fascinating combination of history and technology, and it is supplemented by colourful paintings recreating some of the scenes where wootz was used. It is a trailblazer in popular archaeo-metallurgy, a new science in this country’.

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