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Dr. Sharada Srinivasan

Welcome to my Home Page

Photo of Sharada Srinivasan from lecture-performance
'Under the Hampi skies''/'Sous le ciel de Hampi' event at Lyon Planetarium, 2012,


Srinivasan, Sharada. 2012, ?/span>Carving a global icon: The Nataraja bronze and Coomaraswamy’s legacy? In Asian Art and Culture: A Research Volume in Honour of Ananda Coomaraswamy, Kelaniya: Centre for Asian Studies, p. 245-256.


Prof Sharada Srinivasan is a recipient of the Dr. Kalpana Chawla State Award for Women Scientists 2011 given by Karnataka Council for Science and Technology. The award comprises of a citation, medal and cash prize of Rs 50,000




Sharada Srinivasan Bharata Natyam dance performance at NIAS conference on 'Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Hampi', 2009, item entitled ''Amidst the 'musical pillars' of Hampi''







Sous le ciel Indian (Under the Indian skies)?/span>

Sharada Srinivasan & Sebastien Sauvage

(An evening of music, dance and exploration of the skies)

10th May 2012 at Planetarium Vaulx-en-Velin, Lyon

in partnership with Musee de Confluences (Museum of Confluences)


Prof Sharada Srinivasan delivers the 22nd Smt Nabadurga Banerjee Endowment Lecture at the Asiatic Society, Mumbai on 12th Jan entitled 'Faces and phases: archaeometallurgical insights on south Indian bronzes'.


Prof Sharada Srinivasan explaining dance item on 'musical' pillars of Hampi with abhinaya

Article in Telegraph, India about UKIEIRI project on pre-industrial iron and steel in Telengana for which Dr Sharada was a lead investigator 


News item about inauguration by UK Minister for Science and Technology of UKIERI dissemination seminar and signing of historic MoU between NIAS and Exeter University in archaeology and drama



September 25, 2011 Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Museum of Art,  Curator's Choice Series presentsCOSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA: Art, Science and Dance Explorations in Indian sculpture, by Dr. Sharada Srinivasan, Associate Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India
In celebration of the opening of renovated Asian art galleries, Dr. Srinivasan, scientist, art historian, archaeometallurgist, and exponent of the classical south Indian temple dance tradition, will present an illustrated lecture and dance performance elucidating the relationship between south Indian sculptures and dance. Dr. Srinivasan will explore the aesthetics and technique of South Indian bronze casting, the artistic milieu enriched by the devotional poetry, and perceptions of the cosmos. This presentation is cosponsored by the Museum’s new Friends of Asian Art. Reception for FOAA members and invited guests will follow. Mary Craig Auditorium, 2:30 pm 
Reservations required for seating before 19th Sept: 
AMosher@sbma.net, or 805-884-6425


Exhibition of Photo-Montage : Cosmic Dance of Siva: Art-Science-Dance Perspectives on the Nataraja Bronze : Dr Sharada Srinivasan


Lecture by Dr Sharada Srinivasan on 'Phases and Faces: Bronze and High-tin bronze Metalware Traditions from Southern India'; at Centre for Contemporary Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on Feb 4th 2010


Description of PhD thesis and explanation of Phd dance video


Review of intercontinental interactive, internet-streamed Bangalore-Toulouse dance performance 'Danse e-Toile: Nataraja et le Cosmos' featuring Sharada Srinivasan in Bangalore and Anusha Emrith in Cite De Lespace, Toulouse. An art-science-dance collaboration of Dr Sharada Srinivasan with K.Danse, dance company, France with Jean-Marc Matos and Anne Holst experienced in digital media and dance and featured in the Festival La Novela, Toulouse




Danse e-toile Nataraja et le Cosmos
First time live-streamed inter-active performance across India and Europe between Sharada at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, near Bangalore and Anusha at Cite De L'espace, Toulouse; on 17th Oct with live webcast starting 3.30 pm French time and Sharada's exhibition at Toulouse being webcast from about 2.30 pm French time





1. Photo-montage Exhibition: In this International Year of Astronomy the photo-montage exhibition 'Danse e-Toile: Nataraja et le Cosmos'?curated by Sharada Srinivasan, scientist-dancer is featured at Alliance Française Bangalore Atrium, 14th-17th Sept. It explores cosmic sensibilities and the art, metallurgy and science of the Nataraja bronze and from the evocative lens of both the Bharata Natyam and French contemporary dance forms. It will be at Cit?De L'Espace, Toulouse for the Festival La Novela as a prelude to an internet-streamed dance event between Sharada Srinivasan and K.Danse, France on Oct 17th 2009.

see also http://www.k-danse.net/

rehearsals and photos






2. Sharada Srinivasan is co-chairperson of the prestigious international conference

Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys, BUMA VII, Sept. 14th-18th 2009, Bangalore


You tube video on Casting Nataraja and Metal Images at Swamimalai, Tanjavur district, Southern India, narrated by Dr. Sharada Srinivasan and video?by Peter Vemming, Middelaldercentret, Denmark.
Les pierres chantantes' 28 Feb, a classical south Indian dance performance and talk on the theme of the stone 'musical' pillars in some south Indian temples such as Hampi and scientific and artistic aspects by Dr. Sharada Srinivasan in Haber Poche, France.
Dr Sharada Srinivasan works with the music of Sebastien Sauvage inspired by these aspects set to a lithophone made from stones from the Alps in:
Write-up on Neolithic percussive rocks in a heavily quarried area of Karnataka in Southern India by Dr Sharada in Songlines, British Ethnomusicology magazine and podcast of the sounds of rock now available till June 12th on Songlines podcast of their inaugural music awards, on itunes, type songlines (www.songlines.co.uk)
Entry for AAAS Science 2009 Ph D dance contest; on Bharata Natyam dance based interpretation of Dr, Sharada Srinivasan's Ph D thesis titled 'Archaeometallurgical and Art Historical Investigations on South Indian metal icons: the enigma of the dancing panchaloha metal icons' (1996), UCL, London, video by Peter Vemming, Middelaldrcentret, Denmark
'Les pierre chantantes' 28 Feb, a classical south Indian dance performance and talk on the theme of the stone 'musical' pillars in some south Indian temples such as Hampi and the scientific and artistic aspects by Dr. Sharada Srinivasan in Haber Poche, France.
Dr Sharada Srinivasan will also be attempting to work with the music of Sebastien Sauvage inspired by these aspects
(Archaeological scientist, art historian and classical dancer)
National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Instittue of Science Campus, Bangalore 560012
Wikipedia note on Nataraja and citing Dr. Sharada Srinivasan's archaeometallurgical and art historical researches
Bharata Natyam dance Mahadeva Shiva Shambho on You Tube
Dance credits: Guru Bhanumati, Savita; video credits: Digvijay Mallah, Rakesh
sponsors: Alliance Francaise & Bid & Hammer, Bangalore
Cosmic Dance of Siva: an exhibition of photos of traditional bronze image casting at Swamimalai, scientific and art historical studies on Chola and Nataraja bronzes by Dr. Sharada Srinivasan embellished by photos of herself in Bharata Natyam dance.
Skilled Mirror Craft of Aranmula, Kerala
Shiva as 'Cosmic Dancer': On Pallava origins for the Nataraja bronze' World Archaeology paper
Renaissance woman
Chola bronzes
City dancer in Greece
Cosmic Dance of Siva: Confluence of astronomy, metallurgy and dance 
Cosmic Dance
 Sembiyan Mahadevi
?/span>Art & Science of Chola bronzes?/span>
'Dance as ritual in negotiations of 'inner' and 'outer' space: insights from south Indian prehistory into present day'  



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